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Turkmenistan, tours in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a real treasure for those who are thirsty of revealing new secrets and long for discoveries. Mysterious desert of Karakum with half-buried ruins of ancient civilizations along with fascinating tales behind them will leave everyone stunned and impressed. When visiting Turkmenistan make sure you will visit the surreal marble-clad capital of Ashgabat, sleep by the burning gas crater, enjoy the history at ancient cities like Mary, Merv, Gonur Depe, learn the traditions of Nokhur village and make a trip to Kowata underground lake. This will be one of the best travel experiences you will ever have.


Tour's name: Magical creation

The tour route: Ashgabat- Kow-Ata-Nokhur-Darwaza-Nissa

Ancient Turkmenistan always pleases the eyes of travelers, and nature lovers, its beautiful architecture attracts more and more eyes. In the tour of Turkmenistan, you will have a fascinating journey, where you will enjoy such places as Ashgabat, healing lake Kow-Ata, paradise edge Nokhur, and fascinating Darwaza. More details...

Magical creation, tours in Turkmenistan 

Tour's name:
Colorful Land

The tour route: Ashgabat- Kow-Ata- Nokhur-Darwaza-Ashgabat-Merv- Mary-Nissa

Turkmenistan is an oasis that has a unique nature, as well as beautiful architecture, original history and traditions. You will be surprised by the beautiful white marble buildings of Ashgabat, the mystical Darvaza, the underground Kow-Ata, the ancient Merv and many others. More details...

Colorful Land, tours in Turkmenistan 

Tour's name:
Exotic Paradise

The tour route: Ashgabat-Kow-Ata- Nokhur- Darwaza- Dashoguz-Kunya Urgench- Merv- Mary- Nissa

Turkmenistan is a hidden country from prying eyes, but every year it becomes more and more interesting for travelers, thanks to the green oases in the Karakum desert, the richness of historical attractions, as well as the beautiful mosques, mausoleums and interesting fortresses. During the tour you will be able to see beautiful views of such places: Ashgabat, Kow-Ata, Nokhur, Mary, Dashoguz. More details...

Exotic Paradise, tours in Turkmenistan 

Tour's name:
Outskirts of Ashgabat

The tour route: Ashgabat

Turkmenistan is a beautiful country in Central Asia. The country has unique and gorgeous capital that is improving every year. Ashgabat is a beautiful city with great sights that you can contemplate on your tour. More details...

Outskirts of Ashgabat, Tours in Turkmenistan 

Tour's name:
Profusion land of Turkmenistan

The tour route: Ashgabat- Merv- Turkmenbashi - Yaginkala- Darwaza - Kunya Urgench - Dashoguz

Turkmenistan attracts tourists with its historical ruins of ancient cities, deserts, mosques and mausoleums. Every year, tourism in Turkmenistan is developing for the better, because many people want to see the magical places of this amazing country. You should never miss such a rare chance to see the capital of Ashgabat, ancient Merv, fascinating Turkmenbashi and other places. More details...

Profusion land of Turkmenistan, Tours in Turkmenistan 

Tour's name:
Sacred treasures

The tour route: Ashgabat- Darwaza- Kow-Ata-Turkmenbashi-Yaginkala-Avaza

Turkmenistan is a fabulous country of oases and deserts, unique customs and traditions. The country has a high position in terms of oil and gas resources. Traveling around Turkmenistan you can see beautiful places: Ashgabat, Darwaza gas deposit, Kow-Ata lake, Avaza rsort and other places. More details...

Sacred treasures, Tours in Turkmenistan

Tour's name:
Clandestine land

The tour route: Ashagbat- Dahoguz- Darwaza- Mary- Turkmenbashi- Avaza

Turkmenistan is a country where unique riches of antiquity are stored. The country can boast of unsurpassed breed of Akhal-Teke horses, unique architecture, and modern buildings that echo the ancient ruins of cities. In the tour you can visit: Avaza resort, Turkmenibashi, Ashgabat amazing capital, Darwaza mysterious gas deposit and other tourists'' attractions. More details...

Clandestine land, Tours in Turkmenistan 

Tour's name:
The richness of colors of Turkmenistan

The tour route: Ashgabat-Kow-Ata-Nokhur-Mary-Marv-Turkmenabad -Koytendag- Dashoguz- Kunya Urgench-Darwaza

The rich land of Turkmenistan attracts with its colorful places and sights, history, customs and traditions. A tour of this country will be exciting and will be able to show you only the best places you will see: Ashgabat, Darwaza, Nokhur Kow-Ata and other gorgeous highlights. More details...

The richness of colors of Turkmenistan, Tours in Turkmenistan 

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia whose territory is washed by the waters of the Caspian Sea. The major part of the country's terrain is occupied by the Karakum Desert. The total area of the country is almost 492, 000 square kilometers. Population is about 6 million people, making the country with the smallest density in Central Asia. Turkmenistan is the least visited and less know country of Central Asia with a rich history of the Silk Road and amazing nomadic culture. During your tours in Turkmenistan you can find the ruins of the ancient settlements of Nisa and Merv, through which the Great Silk Road once ran. Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, was rebuilt in the Soviet style in the middle of the 20th century and nowadays amazes with the largest quantity of marble buildings as well as beautiful parks and squares. The accidentally human-made Darwaza gas crater in the middle of Karakum desert is an intriguing natural attraction, without which no tours go in Turkmenistan. There is a good chance to combine Turkmenistan with Uzbekistan tours, as it has a few check-points. Explore the country of the most white capital, desert and wonderful Silk Road heritage.