5 day tour to Tajikistan

5 day tour to Tajikistan, tours in Tajikistan

Tour's name: 5 day tour to Tajikistan

The tour route: Dushanbe- Iskanderkul Lake- Penjakent-Seven Lakes-Dushanbe

Day 1: Dushanbe - Iskanderkul Lake
After arrival you will picked up by your guide and transfer to Dushanbe. Today you will start your driving to amazing Mountain lake - Iskanderkul. Iskanderkul Lake is one of the most significant in Tajikistan and occupies the 4th place in terms of volume. It was named according to legend in honor of Alexander the great, located right in the center of the Fann Mountains. You will drive today over wonderful Anzob pass (3 372 m) where you will enjoy fabulous views. When you will come to the lake you will observe amazing surface and walk along shores. Today you will enjoy Mother nature. After you will go the waterfall (40 minutes). Tajikistan's water resources are very rich. These are mainly melting glaciers and precipitation, as well as the country owns more than 1 000 rivers, 2 000 lakes and 8000 glaciers.

Day 2: Iskanderkul Lake - Penjakent
Today you will transfer to to Penjakent. The famous city of Penjikent is located in the West of Tajikistan. The city rises 900 meters above sea level. The city is very ancient and its history begins deep in antiquity 5500 years ago. The city is translated as "Five settlements". And it is known by its second name As "Central Asian Pompeii" - because it was so amazing and unusual. The city was well organized and kept inside a ruler's palace, two temples, markets, rich dwelling houses decorated with numerous paintings, wooden and clay statues of ancient gods. In the 5th - 8th centuries AD, Penjikent was one of the most important cultural and craft centers of Zoroastrian Sogd. Nowadays you can explore the remains of dwelling houses and office buildings, the citadel with the palace, the house of craftsmen, and fire worshipers church. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3: Penjakent - Seven lakes
Your adventure for today is the Fannsky Gory (Fan Mountains). Fann Mountains is a stunning place in Central Asia and is a good territory for hiking.  In course of the tour you will have a trip from Panjakent to the Seven Lakes (Marquzor Lakes), about 60 km south of Panjakent. In this place you will have the opportunity to explore the territory, discover new interesting views and also take a walk in the fresh mountain air. The road will go through a picturesque gorge that leads to 7 lakes. Amazing lakes are located at different heights and have their own names and area. Along the way, you will see the locals and see how they live in this area.

Day 4: Seven Lakes - Dushanbe
After breakfast you will transfer to capital Dushanbe. The road passes through a beautiful pass, along the way you can enjoy the magical views and take a lot of photos. Upon arrival in the city you will find a city tour where you can visit such significant places as: Rudake Park, National library, White House, National state seal, and House of parliament. Then you will stroll in National park and shoot photos of Ministry of Inner Affairs and the biggest National Flag in the world. In course of the tour you will also discover Central Museum and visit Gurminj Museum of traditional musical instruments, which stores about 200 types of folk instruments. You will spend the night in the hotel.

Day 5: Dushanbe - Airport
In the morning is transfer to airport.