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Kyrgyzstan, tours in Kyrgyzstan 

Regardless of a small size, Kyrgyzstan is one of the most interesting countries in Central Asia. You should come here to enjoy the beautiful mountains, lakes, gorges and valleys during our tours in Kyrgyzstan. Whether you are looking for a rich culture and history or outdoors adventures, then Kyrgyzstan will be your top destination. Check our most popular tour programs below.


Tour's name: Exploring fairy nature

The tour route: Bishkek-Arslanbob-Uzgen- Djalal Abad-Osh

Kyrgyzstan is a great country of nomads, whose history is connected with the great Silk Road. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will have new adventures, in which you will be able to see the unsurpassed Arslanbob, magical Osh, as well as on the way to look at the famous Uzgen minaret. More details...

Exploring fairy nature, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
Fascinating Sary Chelek tour

The tour route: Bishkek-Toktogul- Sary Chelek- Osh

The mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan generously welcomes many tourists. The country is unique and stunning for its natural beauty, hospitality, as well as ancient traditions and customs carefully passed down from generation to generation. In the tour you will be able to visit: Toktogul, Sary Chelek, Osh. More details...

Fascinating Sary Chelek tour, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
Legends of ancient Arslanbob

The tour route: Bishkek-Toktogul-Sary Chelek-Arslanbob-Uzgen -Djalal Abad -Osh

Kyrgyzstan is a country of high peaks, a magical country that attracts many travelers to its blooming oasis who want to see beautiful places. You also have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Arslanbob forest, the Toktogul reservoir, the amazing Sary-Chelek and the ancient Osh. More details...

Legends of ancient Arslanbob, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
Kyrgyzstan attractions

The tour route: Bishkek- Alamedin Gorge-Konorchek-Chon Kemin-Issyk Kul

Traveling with us, you will visit the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. You will see the beautiful capital of Bishkek, discover the magical Alamedin gorge, walk through Konorchek and visit the pearl of Kyrgyzstan Issyk Kul. Make your dream come true by traveling with us. More details...

Kyrgyzstan attractions, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
 From Bishkek to Karakol

The tour route: Bishkek- Alamedin Gorge-Konorchek-Chon Kemin-Issyk Kul-Karakol

Kyrgyzstan is a country of magic mountains. The country will show you all its highlights in your tour such as: magic Konorchek, magnificent Issyk Kul, beautiful Bishkek and amazing Karakol. This is all you can see on your tour.  More details...

From Bishkek to Karakol, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
Kyrgyzstan outskyrts

The tour route: Bishkek- Alamedin Gorge-Konorchek-Chon Kemin-Issyk Kul- Grigorievskoye - Semenovskoye - Karakol- Jyrgalan-Jeti Oguz

On your tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will have a great opportunity to learn the history and culture of the country and plunge into the magnificent history. You can also visit magical places such as the red Konorchek canyon, the radiant Issyk Kul, the magical Jyrgalan, the fabulous Jeti Oguz and the incomparable capital Bishkek. More details...

Kyrgyzstan outskyrts, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
Spectacular miracle

The tour route: Bishkek- Burana-Issyk Kul- Kochkor- Son Kul- Kazarman- Osh

On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will immerse yourself in traditional culture, learn the magnificent history of an outstanding people, learn a lot of facts about the country's geography, and visit such amazing places as: Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Osh, Kazarman and Bishkek. More details...

Spectacular miracle, tour in Kyrgyzstan

Tour's name:
Kyrgyzstan nomadic

The tour route: Bishkek- Burana- Issyk Kul- Kochkor- Son Kul- Kazarman- Uzgen- Djalal Abad- Arslanbob

Kyrgyzstan attracts tourists with its unsurpassed nature: bubbling rivers, coniferous forests, beautiful lakes, and of course the great mountains that cover 90 percent of the country's area. You will learn an interesting history and customs and traditions revered by the people.  More details...

Kyrgyzstan nomadic, tours in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country in Central Asia. It is located along the Great Silk Road, an ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. The Tien Shan mountains, which surround this caravan route and occupy most of the country, are inhabited by snow leopards, lynxes and sheep. In the south of the country there is the city of Osh, which has a history of more than a thousand years. It is famous for its huge bazaar, where merchants who followed the Great Silk Road once stayed. Kyrgyzstan is an independent state that withdrew from the Soviet Union in 1991. The major part of the population is made of Kyrgyz people; next go Uzbek, Russian and other small minorities. Kyrgyzstan is a secular state, most people practicr Muslim religion of Sunni direction. When travelling in Kyrgyzstan, one should miss the famous Issyk Kul lake whose size reminds of a big sea. Besides, Son Kul lake at the altitude of more than 3, 000 meters with local shepherds is one of the main highlights of the country. Historical objects like Burana, Tash Rabat, and natural parks as Ala Archa, Chon Kemin, Sary Chelek, Arslanbob will make your trip unforgettable. Join our tours in Kyrgyzstan and discover amazing mountains with lakes, countless rivers and gorges.