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Kazakhstan, tours in Kazakhstan  

If you are up to visiting Kazakhstan, the best time to do it is in autumn or spring. Nevertheless, Kazakhstan is still available in summer, unless you don't visit its hottest regions. There are things in Kazakhstan that you must do for sure during your tours. Watch the panoramic view of Nur Sultan from Baiterek monument, walk in the green Panfilov park filled with monuments, enjoy fresh mountain air in Medeu gorge, learn about Sufizm in Turkestan, hike in the Charyn canyons, enjoy the views of sunken forest in Kolsai lakes and lots more during the tours in Kazakhstan.


Tour's name: The ancient track

The tour route: Shymkent-Almaty- Charyn Canyon

Bright historical and cultural places of Kazakhstan will amaze you in your tour. You will be able to learn great historical facts, see many cultural places in cities, as well as plunge into the hospitality of the Kazakh people, which since ancient times has welcomed travelers with a bright. During the tour you will have the opportunity to see: Shymkent and Almaty with its remarkable attractions. More details...

The ancient track, tours in Kazakhstan  

Tour's name: Discover ancient treasure

The tour route: Shymkent-Turkestan-Almaty-Charyn

Intro: On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will remember the unique culture of the nomadic people. You will get a striking impression of the great cities that in ancient times linked their fate with the Great Silk Road. In Kazakhstan you will find adventures in such cities as: fabulous Shymkent, amazing Turkestan and fascinating AlmatyMore details...

Discover ancient treasure, tours in Kazakhstan  

Tour's name: Sightseeing tour to Kazakhstan

The tour route: Almaty-Charyn Canyon- Shymkent- Turkestan

Intro: Felt yurts, inviting mountains. the endless steppes and healing the Mare is pulling in your region of Kazakhstan. Many tourists want to see important sights of the country that keep secrets and history. On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will have the opportunity to visit ancient Shymkent and explore its attractions, the blooming oasis of Almaty and the Magnificent Charyn Canyon. More details...

Sightseeing tour to Kazakhstan, tours in Kazakhstan 

Tour's name:
Adventurous Kazakhstan

The tour route: Almaty-Charyn Canyon- Issyk- Nur-Sultan-Brovoe

Intro: You will admire the wonderful architecture of the city and the vast expanses. In Kazakhstan, you can see the beautiful southern oasis of Kazakhstan Almaty, explore the unsurpassed capital of Nur-Sultan, admire the beauty of the nature of the Charyn Canyon, and relax in the Borovoe resort. Your tour will be unforgettable! More details...

Adventurous Kazakhstan, tours in Kazakhstan 

Tour's name:
6 days of amazing Kazakhstan

The tour route: Almaty- Kolsai lakes-Charyn Canyon- Nur-sultan-Borovoe 

The magnificent country of Kazakhstan where Asian and European styles are intertwined attracts travelers to its expanses. It opens up to you the natural beauty of its steppes, beautiful oases, blue lakes and stormy rivers. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit Almaty, Kolsay lakes, Charyn Canyon and Nur-Sultan the capital of Kazakhstan. More details...

6 days of amazing Kazakhstan, tours in Kazakhstan 

Tour's name:
The legacy of ancient times

The tour route: Almaty-Tamgaly-Altyn Emel-Charyn

Kazakhstan today is a popular destination for tourism. The country has an unsurpassed style and beautiful sights. During the tour, you can enjoy the views of Altyn Emel, explore the petroglyphs of Tamgaly Tas, visit the former capital of Kazakhstan Almaty and wander through the Charyn Canyon. More details...

The legacy of ancient times, tours in Kazakhstan 

Tour's name:
Magical Altyn Emel

The tour route: Almaty-Tamgaly-Altyn Emel-Charyn Canyon

Kazakhstan is a generous nature teeming with mountain rivers, massive lakes, beautiful canyons and waterfalls, as well as canyons that will enchant you. On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will be able to look at the beautiful Altyn Emel and the famous Singing dune, the mysterious Charyn Canyon, and explore the Tamgaly Tas. More details...

Magical Altyn Emel, tours in Kazakhstan 

Tour's name:
Blessed terrain of Kazakhstan

The tour route: Almaty-Tamgaly-Altyn Emel-Charyn-Big Almaty Lake

The nature of Kazakhstan is distinguished by its diversity. There are high mountains and magical twilight forests, steppes and deserts, as well as great lakes. Kazakhstan will give you the opportunity to enjoy its hospitality and visit such places as Almaty, Altyn Emel, Charyn Canyon and Big Almaty Lake. More details...

Blessed terrain of Kazakhstan, tours in Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia, which was previously part of the Soviet Union. Its territory stretches from the Caspian Sea in the west to the Altai Mountains in the east, where it borders with China and Russia. It is the ninth largest country in the world. Almaty is the largest city and important trade and economic center in the country. Among the city's sights, it is worth visiting the Ascension Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, built under Nicholas II, and the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, thousands of exhibits of which allow you to get an idea of the history of the state. Besides Medeo gorge and Shymbulak ski resort will allow you to enjoy the mountains within 20 km distance from a city. Nur-Sultan is the capital city with modern buildings, nice parks and boulevards. You can make a one-day tour to Borovoye national park with a cascade of lakes and amazing nature. If you are short of time you can still visit the outskirts of Almaty or extend your to Kolsai and Kaindy lakes, visiting on the way picturesque Charyn canyons. Kazakhstan is rich in history and culture, you are able to visit the cities of Shymkent, Otrar and Turkestan to learn about Sufism and heritage of the Silk Road. Nowadays, Kazakhstan makes one of the most desirable destinations in Central which we highly recommend to visit during your holidays.