Kyrgyzstan symbol

The public symbol of Kyrgyzstan - the coat of arms displays: white falcon spreading its wings, symbolizing the freedom of the country, striving for the best, generosity, vigilance, and the height of the thoughts of Kyrgyz living in the country of mountains. Water surface of a pearl of Kyrgyzstan - Issyk-Kul Lake - the symbol of the beauty of nature, the source of life and energy. The mountain peaks lit by the sun, like a white cap Kirghiz people.
Cotton and wheat, bordering the coat of arms, talking about cultural diversity in Kyrgyzstan, and at the same time their unity, uniting all their diversity into a unified whole - the people of Kyrgyzstan.
The national flag of KR (KR)
The national flag of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is a red flag in the center of which is available throughout the solar disk with forty radiating evenly golden brown. Inside the solar disk in red izobrazhentunduk kyrgyzskoy yurt.