Kyrgyzstan legends

So what I want to tell you it's not a legend, it is a fact. Some time ago the elder (* old respected man) Bayaly was renowned for his mastery of cooking kymyz. His kymyz helping people improve their health and heal. Preparation kymyz - subtle and complex art. Secret Bayaly was to his knowledge, where the mares graze, and what plants they eat. 

In Kyrgyzstan, one can find many species of wild plants. But we need to know their medicinal properties, to use them. For example, the hunters noticed that the sick and wounded animals are looking for those plants that help them heal. Knowledge of the so-called "animal medicine" handed down from generation to generation. There are more than two hundred species of medicinal herbs, which are fed mare .. 

There are other ways to use kymyz. Bayalysohranyal kymyz the winter by placing it in a large "bag" made from animal skin, where Kymyz became hard. On cold days he cut pieces kymyz and put him in a cauldron. He then put the pot on the fire and when the pieces kymyz melts, the tent was filled with marvelous scents of mountain flowers. 
Scientists have discovered that Kirghiz kymyz contains many valuable substances for human health. Kymyz still used to treat intestinal and respiratory tract.