Kyrgyzstan history

Each district has its own type kymyz. Trying it, experts can determine from what region this Kymyz. Some believe that this is the best kymyz kymyz pink, while others say that it is the best kymyz kymyz, which produces close to Son-Kul Lake. Others say that it is luchshiykymyz susamyrskiykymyz, although in reality it is difficult to determine which one is best. This drink does not like this kind of debate about yourself, and simply becomes acidic. Therefore, the most important thing is to drink kymyz and enjoy it. 
As in the history of other peoples, in ancient times kyrgyzskoy culture, social status was reflected in the clothes. Women's costume has changed throughout the life of a woman. 

Shokulo - old bride's headpiece. 
Elechek - high hat adult married women based on solid, which was wound from a strip of white linen or cotton cloth. The length of the strip reaches 7 m and was determined by social status and wealth of women. Elechek used as a shroud of death. 

Chyptama - this type of clothing decorated with ornaments and a must have kind of vest. 
Famous Turk pants were made of rawhide. 

Kirghiz of old were famous as good furriers.