Kyrgyzstan flag

Red-color flag symbolizes the valor and courage. Life-giving radiant golden sun, bathed in its rays, is a symbol of eternal life, represents peace and wealth, the desire to light, to knowledge. 40 rays, united in a circle mean the union of 40 ancient tribes into a single Kyrgyzstan.Tunduk - a symbol of his father's house, in a broader sense and the world as a universe. Tunduk embodies not only the strength of home, lifestyle, age-old traditions of the people, but also a deeper philosophical unity of heaven and earth. Tunduk symbolizes the unity of the peoples living in the country. Red Flag was the color of the flag magnanimous Manasa.
The political structure of the country.
The political system is defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Kyrgyzskoy, which was adopted July 27, 2010. The President is elected by popular vote to serve five years.
According kyrgyzskomu law, a unicameral parliament of Kyrgyzstan consists of 90 deputies elected for a term of five years, according to party lists. The head of government is the Prime Minister, who shall be appointed by the President of parliament on the proposal.
In Bishkek, July 3, 2010 the ceremony of inauguration of the President of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva, who previously had the status of the temporary head of state. At the moment, Otunbayeva is the third president since independence.