Traditional clothes

Our clothes are more than just a piece of fabric that was made to keep us safe; they are a representation of our culture and heritage. Nowadays, clothing is just as important to people as it was in the old days, but at that time people gave more importance to what they were wearing and why. The poor, for example, could not wear the things that were worn by baatyrs or rich people. Going on a tour should include all the aspects of the culture. So, our article will tell you about the traditional clothes in the history of Kyrgyzstan.

Simple long robes with their laps closed if required and a leather belt were the standard male clothes. Long dresses with vests were worn by the women. A headdress is one of the most important aspects of Kyrgyz folk attire. There were several different headpieces depending on age, social position, family status, income, and other factors. The basic outfit consists of a shirt called koinok, and harem pants. Women's headdresses are usually embroidered with bird feathers and a number of sewn-on ornaments such as pearls, jewelry, and other fabrics. For girls, there were two styles of headwear: a skullcap (topu) and a fur hat (tebetei). A sleeveless jacket with short or long sleeves - chyptama, a short-sleeved cropped cardigan - kemelsel, a knitted robe - chepken, and chapan to put on over a dress. These are all the basic elements of the Kyrgyz traditional clothes. Foreign guests, while on a tour of Kyrgyzstan, can purchase various elements of traditional clothing and jewelry.

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Embroidery plays an important role. An ornament can tell a whole story, and colorful embroidery can show an event. It has always been a craft of women. Mothers passed on unique embroidery techniques from generation to generation to their daughters. Materials, blankets, clothing, felt carpets and wall coverings, home furniture, and different baskets and sacks are all ornamented with embroidery. For example, the kalpak, a tall hat made of white felt, is Kyrgyzstan's most iconic piece of clothing. It is covered in beautiful ornaments. We invite all foreign guests to see live the traditional clothes of the people of Kyrgyzstan with the help of tours from our company!