The culmination of the tour Lenin Peak

In tours you can travel to the famous peaks as Lenin peak situated in Kyrgyzstan. With the usage of car rent it will be easier. The colossal ridges of the Pamirs are an unforgettable sight that can capture the imagination of the observer. If you look at Lenin Peak from the valley of the Chon-Alai district, you see the following picture: first, the rocky and sparsely vegetated steppe passes to reddish rocks, which gradually turn into peaks covered with eternal snow. It seems incredible that these ice giants once submitted to the will of man.

To admire the beauty of the ridge, it is not necessary to climb up. You can just drive to the alpine camp in the Achik-Tash tract on the Edelweiss meadow, located about 300 km from Osh, and look at the majestic landscapes from afar. Tours open opportunity to see this beauty of Kyrgyzstan. On request, you can take a car rent in tours. We offer this service along whole Kyrgyzstan.