Rukh Ordo construction of interest

Kyrgyzstan is known to be the home of various ancient monuments and in this case Rukh Ordo complex will be described. During the tour taken here guests can take a car for rent and travel right to the place where different religions live in peace, they live together. At the same time here everyone can feel the atmosphere when you want to exchange emotions with someone. Cultures also live in mutual peace. We identify this location in the program of the tour as one which can connect religion, history and legends.

For the mean of seeing the complex can be the process of investigating scientific notions. They usually go side by side with legends and myths. Invitees can travel in Kyrgyzstan and visit the complex, where to see the real purpose of its creation - it was made on purpose, intentionally! Various meetings of people of different nations and cultures take place here. When foreign presidents come here, they are taken to Rukh Ordo complex. It is located near Issyk Kul lake, so being here don't forget to see such a center yourself. So in the north the complex meets Kungei Ala-Too.

Concerning the aim of the creation of the complex, it is said to be the will to have a place where 5 religions to live. As for the spiritual aspect, people of any religion can feel home here, as complex is a symbol of tolerance and respect.

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