The principal characteristic of a nation is rituals, and Kyrgyzstan is no different. In this turn, as our experts plan it on the tours and help them rent a car, we want to assure the visitors that their tour is guaranteed to be fun. They choose to use a car rental for visits when the boarders come here to go straight to the local people to feel the ceremonies and, in other words, the rituals of the administration. The history of ceremonies, in turn, dates back to ancient times, to the days of the Turkic tribes. Their practices were based on their lifestyle, as the Kyrgyz people used to live a nomadic way of life.

We are very pleased to hear about the traditions associated with childbirth when Kyrgyzstan takes a car rental tour. When parents are waiting for presents, the first is considered to be suiunchu, or to say good news. Then comes the ritual, based on the parents' giving money when they come to see the child. A more occurrence is the celebration of Beishik toi, the baby born. It is time to get in a huge number of people, to fry delicious traditional rice, to burn the archa. The situation of the kid taking the first move is known to be Tushoo kesuu. When this happens, when the other older children meet him, close friends and relatives are allowed to bind the boy's hands and untie the ropes.

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The next form of rite that can be witnessed by renting a car during the walk with or without a driver is wedding. The traditions of marriage and partnership in our society appear to give people great meaning and importance. The main priority now is to accept the greatest number of visitors, but with considerable financial losses. Traditional ceremonies are based on ala kachuu, a state now prohibited. The act of kidnapping a bride, often by an unknown male, appears to be the act. There is no chance or opportunity for the bride to leave the groom's house in the event of abduction. Then nike kyiuu or engagement. It is perceived to be the legalisation of marriage, according to Muslim traditions. As her friends and family say farewell to her, the tradition where the bride is at the center of attention is Kyz uzatuu. Then in the restaurant, the marriage itself, with toasts and family, is made. So, these are the country's key customs that people will experience on a tour of Kyrgyzstan when they rent a car.