Going on tours, guests of the country want to explore the overview of Kyrgyzstan. New country in tours, this is the culture, customs and traditions, as well as the culture of a new country. Tours around the country are usually conducted by various travel companies, with the principles of which you should get acquainted before the tour starts.

Such travel agencies have been around for quite a long time and are well-known, and professionals in their field. They will be able to help you, advise you and know the nuances of how to make a trip, leave the country and enter it.

We treat our work with great care, love for the country and hospitality to tourists. Here you can rent a car and see many interesting places. For you, we can organize various tours with different levels of complexity and details, as well as attractions.

What do tourists like best? Of course, all-wheel drive cars. These cars can take you anywhere in Kyrgyzstan, to the most remote areas, and you can see the most beautiful places in the country. The quality of roads in Kyrgyzstan is not very good, gravel and muddy, and therefore are best to rent a car as a jeep.

In Kyrgyzstan, most of the country is covered with mountains, so tourists can enjoy Hiking, trekking and horse riding. You will be able to meet the locals, learn a lot of new things, customs and culture of the country, as well as get to know the life of people in the mountains. You can rent a car from our company and enjoy the mountains, forests and all the natural beauty. You will also be able to experience the hospitality of the people. In tours, nights are spent in yurts or guest houses. In guest houses you can enjoy the amenities, and in yurts you can experience the traditional atmosphere. If the nights are spent in yurts, there are also provided dinners. In tours, toilets are located outside and are rarely found with showers. With our company, you can use our services and enjoy tours around Kyrgyzstan.