The relief of Kyrgyzstan is an excellent point for investigation in tours. As you can see, Kyrgyzstan has an excellent terrain, surrounded by mountains and borders with other countries. As a fact, the total length of the country is equal to the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

You can see the terrain of the country, and rent a car like the Lexus LX470, the country has a strategic position and borders with China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country with many gorges, lakes, rivers and canyons.

In tours, you will travel mainly at an altitude of 1000 meters, and this is only the starting point. at an altitude of there are glaciers, which are mostly not easily accessible, and do not melt. Kyrgyzstan also has deserts and steppes. Kyrgyzstan has about 6.3% which is suitable for agriculture, 4.4% is occupied by lakes, about 4.25% is occupied, and about 4% is occupied by glaciers.

During the tours, tourists will be able to see and travel through green places and enjoy the beauty of nature, as well as rent a car. The winds are not terrible to the locals, as the mountains protect the country.