Peak Pobeda

There are many beautiful and colorful places in Kyrgyzstan that you can explore on tours of the charming mountain country. And today we want to provide you with an article about the peak Pobeda, and tell you all the nuances. The peak has a height of 4439 meters and borders China. In the Soviet Union, the peak in the past was the highest in the entire territory. And you can also rent a car for tours around Kyrgyzstan to see all the beautiful sights of the country.

In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, guests will be able to explore the sights, enjoy the views that are located next to the peak. There is also the Zvezdochka glacier. Anyone traveling in Kyrgyzstan can rent a car and also explore that peak called Tomur Peak in the Chinese side. And the peak has an interesting name, the origin that the researcher P. Semenov called the peak.

He assumed that this peak was Khan-Tengri. You can also find out that the peaks had the same names at different times. During tours of Kyrgyzstan, you can explore that the peak was named as "Pobeda" after the Second World War. And several climbers and teams were able to climb the peak. But some attempts failed because the weather was bad. For our tourists, we offer our guests to rent a car to enjoy the unique nature of Kyrgyzstan on tours.