About Kyrgyzstan

Assist Kyrgyzstan's glorious mountainous land! On this tour, the fabulous beauty of the mountain slopes, picturesque valleys and turquoise lakes will influence travelers. It is important to note that this is a stunning country surrounded by snowy mountains, magnificent glaciers and coniferous trees, which, if you come to Kyrgyzstan, would certainly attract you on a walk. A spot where, in the circuit of virgin nature, you can really relax and optimize your well-being away from the chaotic mega cities.

If you come back to Kyrgyzstan, only vivid memories and a desire to spend more time here can provide you with every day that you spend on this tour. Head down the turbulent 'huge' mountain valleys at the foot of different glaciers, take a horseback ride or picnic. We will be training for a real tour for several days in the natural surroundings of Kyrgyzstan.

Our business will be able to discover beautiful Kyrgyzstan, visit exciting sights and quench the thirst for adventure with a car rental service. For those in Kyrgyzstan traveling at any time of year and under any conditions, we will arrange a travel schedule and a fitting tour or excursion! Right now, you have to rent a car and drive to travel. 


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