George, Feedback

I'm just in love with Kyrgyzstan! This is a majestic country with a very unique nature. To be honest, the service did not satisfy me, but the people are very hospitable. It's nice to breathe here because the air here is clean. I really had an unforgettable time and hope to come here again for the combo tour.

Charlie and Sarah, Feedback
Charlie and Sarah
This is my best tour in Kazakhstan. I can say with certainty that I am happy again. Kazakhstan greeted me with love and care. Thanks!

Leo, Feedback
Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan are really two colossal countries with big hearts and respect. Since I was traveling in the fall I was faced with a cold and rainy season. I can say I was delighted! It was golden leaf fall and the smell of hot samsa was everywhere. I really liked it. Although the weather often let down, it was not reflected in my tour. Thanks for the great mood and great tour!

Kiril, Feedback
You can travel to Kyrgyzstan at any time of the year. This country is always beautiful. Mountains and rivers are just wow! This is a great country who wants to heal their health in the waters of Issyk Kul. About the service, I will say that people are trying, but they need to try more.

Adam, Feedback
This year my wife and I chose Kyrgyzstan. We weren't disappointed. Really very nice and lots of delicious food. We as meat lovers were delighted! True, the weather was rainy, but we managed it. Thanks for the chance. 

Kylie, Feedback
Thank you for the excellent choice Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. These two neighbors surprised me with their hospitality architecture and of course the nature of the mountains. No wonder it is constantly praised. It is really safe and beautiful here, but the roads are not very good. There are many cultural heritages of petroglyphs and structures. I spent the night in a yurt for the first time. It was warm and cozy. The food is mostly meat, but if you wish, you can ask to cook something without meat. In general, I am satisfied.