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There is a good saying: ‘Travelling makes you speechless, then turn you into the storyteller'. Our car rent company wants to offer you a trip, which will undoubtedly leave you speechless! We are representative of this car rent company, which guarantees you that if you choose us; your travelling will pass without any ambages. This auto-renting firm makes routes around following countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The responsibility, reliability, honesty and trustworthy of our car rent company became the talk of the town and widely known among our travelers. We will provide you with very good cars for rent, so you will not be disappointed. Be sure - our cars for rent are constantly updated by the most skillful specialists, so you will not have any problems with them! Our auto renting offices are situated in the capital of each above-mentioned country - in the cities of Almaty, Bishkek and Dushanbe. The cars for rent are also kept here.

Come to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and leave your heart here, because the beauty of these lands is irresistible. You can visit beautiful Sary-Chelek lake, which is situated 500 kilometers from the city of Bishkek and 300 kilometers from the city of Osh - second largest city of Kyrgyzstan. The cities of Dushanbe and Almaty are also quite near, so it does not matter from where you will start your journey, because you will always be able to visit this wonderful lake and have a rest from the vanity of modern civilization in the serenity of the lake. The territories around the lake are included into the reserved zone and protected by local government. There are sick forests, beautiful valleys and alpine rivers around it. You can drive on your auto around the lake and view the breathtaking landscapes... Sary-Chelek is situated on the altitude of 1878 meters and included into the Western Tien Shan zone. In the end you will be able to return the cars for rent back and go home.