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                                  "Cholpon Travel"

if YOU,

  • would like to relax perfectly in a serene vicinity,
  • want to have an active holiday viewing wildlife & birds,
  • wish to visit real nomadic family or even stay with them
  • like horse riding
  • like sailing with boats, kayaks on rivers and lakes or love fishing,
  • like hiking, trekking and biking in the stunning beautiful nature

come and stay with us!

                                         WHY STAY WITH US?

  • Unique surrounding attractions and great choices of outdoor activities,
  • Superb comfort, impeccable service for perfect relaxation,
  • Easily reachable, not crowded, just foreign tourists staying resort,
  • Culture and environment friendly, nomadic styled.

Thank you very much for visiting our web site!

We serve only foreign tourists upon their reservation and upon contracts with foreign and national tour operators. As the leading company of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, we do our best to keep environmentally and culturally friendly. We support its revival and we work closely with the local communities and local government upon triple agreement in order to develop community based and environmentally friendly tourism. Moreover, we have been constantly investing in the conservation of the nature reserve flora and fauna, which is unique and rare. Our staffs are always happy to serve you.

Welcome to "Cholpon Travel"!